How 5G will Affect Data Centers in the Future

neuCentrIX - 12/01/2023 10:00

The world has relied on 4G to run data centers for years. 4G was excellent during its peak years. But as technology advances, it’s becoming evident that 5G is the next trend.

Companies and nations are transmitting massive amounts of data that need fast transmission speeds. It would help if you were prepared to upgrade your data center in the coming years to tap into the full benefits of 5G.

So, this post will look at how 5G is a game-changing upgrade over 4G and how it has empowered data centers. Also, you’ll know why it’s key to prepare your business for a 5G data center.

5G as a Game-changing Improvement over 4G
Every user who has tasted 5G will agree that networking is a game-changer in the digital sector. Due to the fantastic speeds, people can now create new applications that couldn’t run because of 4G speeds.

5G networks offer high bandwidths that can go over 1 Gbps. Such speeds are transforming the use of IoT (Internet of Things). It has made companies enjoy edge computing, which reduces the distance data travels from the source to the data centers. It’s an aspect that 4G networks couldn’t provide.

Also, 5G offers low latencies of 10 ms or, at times, 1 ms compared to 4G, which offers 20–30 ms speeds. Growing technologies like cloud gaming and intelligent cities need low latencies.

Today, 5G offers a connection density of over 100,000 points/square meter. If you compare it to 4G, there’s a wide gap of around 2000 points/square meter. 5G allows more devices to connect in a given area and at incredible speeds.

How 5G Empowered Data Centers
Data centers will rise to great heights in the future because of the 5G network. Most sectors, like telehealth, video streaming, gaming, and e-commerce, will require data centers to adhere to their needs. Stakeholders in these sectors will need fast data transfer speeds with low latencies.

The feature is fantastic because it provides fast services and a great end-user experience. Remember, many service providers have applications that need low latencies to work well. So, companies can transfer and analyze vast amounts of data quickly.

Also, low latencies and fast speeds will favor IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and smart cities. These technologies rely more on collecting, transferring, and storing data to be effective. It is where 5G will make companies and governments invest more in top-notch data centers.

Prepare Your Business for Data Center in 5G
As a business owner who has invested more in data centers, understanding how 5G works is essential. You’ll see what kind of infrastructure your data centers need to enjoy the full benefits of this network.

Data centers will require high-level servers and electronic racks to accommodate the speeds. Getting more cell towers and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) on utility poles will be of great help in enjoying the benefits of the 5G network.

Also, your business will need many of the latest fiber optic cables. It will support faster data transmission from the source to the data centers. Remember, it will take many years and resources for the world to get the great benefits of the 5G network. However, most businesses have begun to take the necessary steps to reap the benefits of this network in their data centers.

The full roll-out of 5G will transform data centers. 5G provides fast data processing and excellent edge computing. It is a sweeter upgrade than the 4G network because it has opened many doors for business applications and IoT. It will be the best upgrade for your data centers as your business adapts to 5G. Explore our data center page to learn more about neuCentrIX and how its colocation services can benefit your data centers.