Challenges of Online Content Delivery

neuCentrIX - 05/09/2022 10:00

Over the years, massive growth in online content delivery has been witnessed, and there is no sign of slowing down. Studies show that internet traffic will likely triple in the next five years. This is made possible by easy access to smartphones and the growth of fast internet. Similarly, there are high expectations for better internet quality. Surveys show that over 60% of internet users will abandon a video once it starts buffering. The same goes for websites with slow data transmission, which leads to a high bounce rate.

While content creators and publishers try to offer the best internet speeds, they still face many problems. This article covers some challenges that online content publishers and B2B applications face.

Types of challenges faced by online content publishers

Online content publishers face many challenges. This limits their traffic generation and, in turn, lowers their revenue and digital experience. Here are some of the biggest challenges that these publishers face :

1. Scalability and Growth

Companies and online content publishers grow over time, and so do their online presence and audience. With this growth, there is a need to have better quality content to improve the user experience. This is brought about by high competition and the fact that websites lose about 43% of their visitors if their pages take more than five seconds to load.

This can be a challenge for most content publishers who are used to small audiences and use virtual web and video hosting platforms. To avoid this, content publishers must invest in fast and reliable networks like a private hosting platform for tier-1 content delivery.

2. Poor performance

User experience is the backbone of every business, and this also applies to content publishers and B2B applications that rely on the internet for revenue. Such companies need to have high-quality content that will attract more users. Without this, they may lose a lot in high bounce rates and low streaming. Online content publishers must use strong Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to get better video or website content quality.

3. Geographical Market reach

There is a vast difference between content publishers focused on the local market and those with a wide geographical target. The quality of content tends to decline with geographical proximity. Therefore, content publishers must use last-mile direct peering ISPs to increase user experience.

Challenges for B2B applications
B2B applications are also among the top used content delivery channels. Even so, they have their own set of challenges. Here are two major ones :

❖ Content Security: Content security is vital for any B2B application. To avoid being compromised, they must use premium security measures. This gives the content things such as instream watermark, forensic watermark, and dynamic key encryption.

❖ Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR): ABR must be used by the B2B application to ensure fast content delivery and increased bandwidth to reduce buffering. Without it, you may suffer from slow start times and reduced usability.

Online content delivery is essential because it is the backbone of the internet. And this will continue to grow as internet adoption increases across the world. To avoid the challenges that come with content delivery, online content publishers and B2B applications must rely on premium CDNs and hosting platforms.