Data Center Growth Forecast

neuCentrIX - 12/09/2022 10:00

The rapid access to information by most internet users has created a demand for data centers. Today, the technology market value is rising fast across the world. In Indonesia, social media is making data centers more efficient.

In the future, every company will need modern data centers to help run their activities well. If you are ready, let's look at the global overview of the data center market, the technology that is developing in Asia, and why companies should adopt data centers in the future.

Data Center Market Overview in Global

The data center market has enjoyed much growth because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, most governments have adopted cloud-based technologies. It’s this adoption that increased data center market value to $206.2 billion in 2021.

So, expect the technology's market value to grow at a CAGR of 10.20% by the close of 2022. Data centers will also get revenue of about $404.9 billion by the end of 2022.

In 2021, the number of data centers had risen fast across various parts of the world. There are over 8.000 data centers in the world. Most of these numbers came from six nations. The USA had a 33% stake, the U.K had 5.7%, Germany had 5.5%, China was at 5.2%, the Netherlands had 3.4%, and Canada had 3.3%.

Remember, data center market players invest in advanced solutions that make them compete well. Such priorities come from the high demand of businesses for higher density and efficient data storage facilities. The rising demand for data centers by SMEs also contributes to the market value expansion.

How is the Development in Asia, especially in Indonesia?

Many nations in Asia have embraced the essence of modern data centers. In 2021, the Indonesian data center market had a value of $1.67 billion. These numbers will rise to $3.43 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.15%.

Data centers' values will rise because of the nation's internet power growth. The internet economy around Indonesia has a value of over $100 billion. Expect that number to rise to $300 billion by 2025. It’s because the demand for quality data services and infrastructure by users is growing fast during the forecast period.

Remember, Indonesia's e-commerce market today is similar to China's online market at the start. It has many entrepreneurs selling items through social media. Also, this nation is the most mobile in Asia, with many people using Facebook. It will increase the growth of data centers.

Why Companies Should Adopt Data Centers for the Future

Here’s why companies should invest more in data centers in the future. Without them, companies will fail to realize profits as they make losses.

1. It Reduces Costs

Data centers help companies save money on power and infrastructure. The technology needs less space, and you can have them on a pay-as-you-go basis.

2. Makes Work Efficient

Data centers are fast, which makes work easier for employees. The company will deliver quality services to customers on time.

3. Saves on Energy

Using data centers at your company premises will save more on power costs. Remember, today, energy costs are high, and no one would love to operate without power. Data centers won't eat up much of your time and will help you save on costs.

4. Easy and Secure Data Management

Data centers are the best places for any business or company to store, secure, and manage data. These centers operate using clouds that help protect your data from hackers. You'll also be able to see any risks in your data and know how to avert them.

Expect data centers to always be part of the success of nations today and in the future. Its global market value is increasing rapidly from the forecast to 2027. In Indonesia, technology's value is rising because of the high number of sellers on social media like Facebook. Most companies should invest more in data centers because they'll gain more benefits.