Data Center Trends to Look Out for in 2022

neuCentrIX - 26/07/2022 16:00

In 2022, the future of the data center trends remains to be bright. Companies are striving to use safe and sustainable plans to match the needs of the growing tech world.

The demand and growth of data centers come from the growing IT infrastructure. These changes in the IT world bring a shift in the data centers.

Every business owner will have to adapt to these trends to keep doing well. So, here are the five trends that every data center should be aware of in 2022.

1.   Climate Change affecting the Data Centers’ Location
Today, many data center companies choose to go green as they strive to become more sustainable. Expect climate changes to affect the site where any firm will place their data center.

Though it's not an easy task, the data center location is a vital aspect of the industry. The industry seeks to balance between getting unique real estate locations and safe sites for the climate.

According to the CBRE, when a firm considers the environment before choosing a data center, it will affect the site. So, such a trend benefits the markets with clean energy but affects those with lesser energy and water to conserve.

2.   Regional Market Investment
As technology keeps growing, it attracts more investors from different parts of the world. The changes in the global capital numbers in 2022 will make the regional markets grow. Also, many technology service givers will dwell more in second-tier cities.

Some companies even raised around 2.1 billion USD to have more sustainable data centres and penetrate the news market, especially in second-tier regions. Such events happened in the 2021 global market, which will keep growing in 2022. This trend is growing because there's more demand for many online services.

3.   Liquid Cooling Gains Popularity
In 2022, expect many data center companies to adopt a broader liquid cooling system. Data centers will have to follow this trend because of various factors. Some of the aspects are the AI workloads, more people seeking to stop using water to cool servers, and even the servers and chip suppliers.

Today, many companies have followed liquid coolers. It's a safety feature for the environment and much more affordable. Remember, some people believe liquid cooling will be excellent with edge computing.

4.   Grasping the Metaverse
As 2022 becomes older, the metaverse world will have greater improvements like computing power and access to lower latencies. The data centers will follow the same route when the metaverse technology grows.

It’s not easy for the data center industry to know how the metaverse will grow. Either way, data center companies need to have sustainable ways to match the changes in the metaverse.

5.   Data Center and Energy Conservation
Most data center industries have decided to save more power as they go green. In 2022, this tech industry will focus on using 100% renewable energy technology.

This shift will have more impact because more investors are ready to use more money to make it work. Also, some data center groups are trying to use the Tesla Megapack to boost their energy stores. It will keep more energy for constant data flow as the environment remains safe.

Many significant changes lie ahead for the data center companies in 2022. Aspects like energy conservation and climate change in 2021 will always affect the growth of many data centers. So, every data center company, whether big or small, should focus on these five trends to see that they stay at the top of the game.