The Changing Data Center Landscape

neuCentrIX - 21/10/2022 10:00

In the last few years, the world has learned the importance of efficient connectivity for day-to-day life. As a result, data centers, colocation providers, and hyperscale facilities proved far more critical than many anticipated.

With the rising increase in data and more data centers popping up each day, it has become necessary for these service providers to think of having a hyperscale ecosystem. A study done in 2016 shows that moving 80 percent of data center servers to hyperscale facilities will reduce energy usage by 25 percent.

This article tells you more about the pros and cons of colocation and hyperscale data centers and how neuCentrIX is a leading provider of these services. 

Pros and Cons of Using Cloud, Data Center and Hyperscale
Cloud computing technology and hyperscale data centers have come in handy to solve traditional data centers' issues. They offer more robust, scalable, and better data storage, management, and transmission. As a result, many companies and institutions, such as universities, are now shifting to having their servers in a hyperscale infrastructure rather than owning small data centers.

While this seems to be a great way of making data centers more efficient and sustainable, it comes with its setbacks. Here are a few pros and cons of using cloud and hyperscale data centers.

Economical: Relying on hyperscale data centers can be more economical than on-site data centers. Most of their services come with a package, which means you don’t have to pay extra for maintenance of servers, support, and redundancy.

● Better Security: Hyperscale data centers have advanced security and data protection. Security staff will also be tasked with protecting the premises from unauthorized access.

● Boosts connectivity: Many hyperscale and colocation data centers are carrier-neutral. This means they cover a wide array of customers from different service providers. With these many options, you will likely get high-speed connectivity instead of having your own data center.

● More Scalable: With hyperscale data centers, it is easier to scale up without additional expenditure. All you may need to do is enroll for a more extensive package, and your IT infrastructure will be increased without buying any equipment.

Less control: Having your servers far from your location can make it harder to control operations. It becomes harder to undertake maintenance and troubleshooting in case of any difficulty.

● Costly startup: setting up a hyperscale data center can be costly at the beginning because of the license cost and other expenses.

Find Cloud and Data Center Solutions with neuCentrIX and HDC
NeuCentrIX offers the best cloud and data center solutions with many benefits. They have friendly packages that consist of IT collocation services and Carrier Provider Packages. Enrolling in their services gives you access to standard data center specifications, system support, specialized carrier provider services, and more.

It has a highly advanced cooling system, UPS, and generator set up to keep machines running at all times. You also get top-tier connectivity plus cross-connect and IP public operations. Check out the neuCentrIX service page to learn more about their excellent data center solutions.