The Differences between Dedicated Cloud Hosting in neuCloud dediCa and Shared Cloud Hosting in neuCloud elastiCa

neuCentrIX - 23/12/2021 13:00

As one of the leading cloud service providers in Indonesia, neuCentrIX understands that different businesses run different digital operations, and thus require different infrastructure — including cloud deployment. That is why, to cater to different business demands, neuCentrIX offers three neuCloud services customers can choose from: multiCa, dediCa, and elastiCa. Each service means different cloud deployment. While neuCloud multiCa is a multi-cloud service which relies on multiple cloud resources, neuCloud dediCa and elastiCa are both private cloud services with one fundamental difference.

The main difference between neuCloud dediCa and elastiCa lies in the hosting; neuCloud dediCa offers its customers dedicated hosting, while neuCloud elastiCa offers shared hosting. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between dedicated and shared cloud hosting and find out which option is best for you.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting
With dedicated cloud hosting, as offered in the neuCloud dediCa service type, a user gets its own dedicated servers without it being shared with other users. This type of cloud hosting provides each user with unlimited resources which they have direct access to and can freely configure based on their specific requirements regarding performance, security, and flexibility. However, such access and control isn’t cheap since the user will need to fully pay for the operating costs. Moreover, dedicated servers require staff with specific skills and knowledge for setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. That also includes 24/7 security measures with proper personnel.

Because of its benefits and drawbacks, dedicated cloud hosting is most ideal for large businesses and organizations which require high performance for high volume of traffic and workload and have the money to pay for the extra cost. These users can also use neuCentrIX’s cloud management platform and managed services to eliminate the hassle of installation and maintenance.

Shared Cloud Hosting
Shared cloud hosting, as offered in the neuCloud elastiCa service type, refers to several users sharing the same server and same resources. One benefit of shared cloud hosting is the more affordable cost; because the operating costs are split between several users, each user can pay a cheaper price. Nonetheless, compared to the more expensive dedicated cloud hosting, this kind of price comes with potential downsides related to performance and flexibility. Sharing a certain amount of the available server space and bandwidth means there are very limited resources, and performance can be unstable depending on other users’ usage. Also, as resources are managed by neuCentrIX as the host, the share of each user is predetermined. This means that a user can’t just use more than their allocated share; if they want to, they may be charged extra, eliminating the financial benefit.

Despite its drawbacks, various types of organizations can take advantage of shared cloud hosting. Due to its nature, this type of cloud hosting is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses or organizations with low volume of traffic and workload that don’t exactly require dedicated hosting. In addition, neuCentrIX has the capacity to guarantee 99,9% service level which ensures superior performance even if the resources are shared.

Both neuCloud dediCa and elastiCa have their own pros and cons. Before choosing the right type of service, it’s essential for you to understand your needs and how each cloud hosting type can support your organization. Despite providing different service types with different characteristics, neuCentrIX offers the same service quality, reliability, and convenience.