3 Ways How Joining NCIX Benefits Your Business

neuCentrIX - 16/12/2021 18:25

Is robust connectivity the key to improve your service quality and create a better user experience? Then you should consider becoming a member of an Internet Exchange. Now, if you’re looking to join an Internet Exchange, Telkom Indonesia’s NCIX is the answer.

Provided by neuCentrIX, NCIX (AS 137019) is a special facility where you can interconnect and directly exchange traffic with other members and other IXs. NCIX is now available in six strategic locations nationwide — neuCentrIX Medan Centrum, Jakarta Karet, Bandung Lembong, Yogyakarta Kotabaru, Surabaya Gubeng, and Denpasar Kaliasem, making it easier for businesses to reach local audiences. Wherever your customers are in Indonesia, there is an NCIX to help you provide a better user experience for them.

Since it was launched, NCIX has attracted various digital players in Indonesia, including internet service providers, network providers, and content providers, to become its members. By joining NCIX, they have gained the opportunity to connect with each other in two ways: multilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged between multiple members) and bilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged privately between several members).

How does joining NCIX benefit your business?

Through direct peering, NCIX members have gained various advantages. If you join, you can get these benefits, too. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits one by one.

1. Better User Experience
By joining NCIX, you can peer and directly exchange traffic with other networks listed as members, especially ISPs and carrier providers. Through peering, you can establish a shorter and more-direct path for data to travel between your network and your peering partners’. This allows you to reduce latency, improve data round-trip time, and create a stable connection, ensuring faster page loading time and uninterrupted content delivery which mean significantly improved user experience.

2. Cost Reduction
Joining NCIX also allows you to reduce your operating costs. Without NCIX, your connection to ISPs and upstream ISPs are charged based on the data transferred, and it can be costly. With NCIX, your connections are more affordable because traffic is localized and maintenance costs are shared among members. Moreover, NCIX constantly offers various promotional and membership programs, so you can get discounts or free bandwidth.

3. Access to Telkom Indonesia’s capacity
As a member of NCIX, you will have direct access to the capacity and capabilities of Telkom Indonesia. You will be connected to 70% of the internet users in Indonesia. In addition, as a state-owned enterprise, Telkom Indonesia is neutral and inclusive. This is why, at NCIX, not only established brands are facilitated; smaller companies and even competitors are given the same opportunities. At NCIX, every business has the same opportunities to grow.

So, are you thinking of becoming an NCIX member and claiming the benefits above? Great! You only need to contact neucentrix@telkom.co.id and register yourself to join the membership. Next, you will be asked to sign a Multilateral Peering Agreement (MLPA) and fulfill some technical requirements to be able to peer with other NCIX members. Once you’re a member, you will be charged monthly based on your membership level and the type of port you choose. That’s it! After completing these steps, you will be an official member of NCIX (AS 137019). Easy right? Contact us and join NCIX now!