Understanding Data Center Designing and Top Mistakes to Watch Out

neuCentrIX - 23/11/2022 10:05

Data centers are the backbone of every business. They are the most critical components of any IT system, but also one of the most expensive to build. The design of a data center is essential because it determines how well it will function in the long term. Data center design is not easy because there are many factors to consider, such as power usage and cooling efficiency.

This article will help you understand how data center design is done and what mistakes to watch out for. 

What to consider when choosing a Data Center provider 
A data center provider is a company that provides all the necessary hardware, software, and services to run your data center. A good provider can provide scalable infrastructure, disaster recovery, security, and customer service. A lot of the time, companies need to do their research to choose a data center provider. This is a mistake that could lead to problems in the future.

When choosing a data center provider, the most important thing to consider is whether they have the proper infrastructure for your needs. You should also consider their security measures, customer service, and support levels. To make sure you are making a good decision, you also need to consider things like pricing, guarantees, and more.

What are some of the standards for optimal data center designs 
To design an optimal data center, we should first understand the basics of a data center. Data centers are made up of servers and storage devices that are connected to the internet. These servers and storage devices have different functions, such as storing and retrieving data.

The design of a data center can vary depending on the company it belongs to. For example, suppose a company offers hosting services for other companies' websites. In that case, its data center will be designed to be more accessible for other companies' servers and storage devices.

Some standards for an optimal data center design include the following :
● Having redundant network connections.
● Considering specific business goals.
● Having a redundant power supply.
● Availability of high-quality data center infrastructure.
● Good facility location.
● Tier-1 security levels.
● Having redundant cooling systems.
● Good service reliability.
● Required scalability.
● On-hand support.
● Carrier neutrality solutions.

What are the top mistakes in Data Center design?
The data center must be designed in such a way that it can provide uninterrupted access to this data and information. Many mistakes can be made in data center design. 
The following are some of the mistakes that data center designers often make :
● Not considering power consumption while designing.
● Designing a building with insufficient cooling capacity.
● Not providing enough space for installing new equipment.
● Not considering future growth.
● Lack of redundancy in power supply and cooling systems.
● Incorrectly sizing the UPS or generator.

Data center design is among the most critical factors determining a data center's efficiency. By avoiding all the above mistakes and optimizing data center standards, Data center providers can offer better services and improve scalability. NeuCentIX is a leading data center with a top-notch design to provide seamless data center and colocation services. Check our page to learn more.