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PUSAT Ekosistem Digital Dunia
neuCentrIX, Multiservice Data Center yang dibangun dalam kondisi netral di antara partner, pelanggan, dan komunitas kami untuk mendukung bisnis digital anda

Tentang neuCentrIX

neuCentrIX merupakan Multiservice Data Center yang terletak di 10 lokasi strategis di Indonesia yang menggabungkan konten, konektivitas, dan end users.

7 Fakta neuCentrIX
7 Layanan neuCentrIX
  • Carrier-Neutral & Multi Services
    We position our services and policy in a neutral and multi service atmosphere for your valuable business
  • Global and Domestic Seamlessly
    Join our large community in an interconnected data center
  • Connectivity
    Easily connect to 65 point of presence around the globe. Enhance your business supported by global and domestic submarine cable
  • Coverage
    Reach your region and nation market. Our neuCentrIX provides large-scale advantages by enabling nation-wide and global network
  • Eyeball (All User)
    Optimize your business opportunity by leveraging more than hundred millions neuCentrIX eyeball around the globe
  • World Class Facility
    We provide a high service level both logical and physical to ensure our customers peace of mind
  • Client Business Solution
    Where you`re interested to scale your business, neuCentrIX has the solutions to help you meet the most exacting performance requirements in the most efficient way
  • Power & Reliability
    neuCentrIX are deployed with top notch reliability to ensure your critical business need.
  • Security
    We provide high security level and certified with ISO 27001:2013 ISMS (Information Security Management System) Certification
  • Network & Connectivity
    Domestic and Global Connectivity service. Have Cross-connect to other neuCentriX tenants
  • Peering
    A Simple, Trusted, Affordable, and Reliable Cloud - Create
  • Content Delivery Network
    Accelerate your content distribution in domestic and global network with the best performance
  • Smart Hand
    Available remote management, installation, and troubleshooting assistance
  • Star Cloud
    A Simple, Trusted, Affordable, and Reliable Cloud - Create

Infrastruktur dan layanan kami yang saling terhubung siap membawa anda ke Indonesia dan dunia.


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neuCentrIX Indonesia
Graha Merah Putih
Jalan Gatot Subroto Kav. 52
Jakarta Selatan