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Every customer can take benefit from all of supporting facilities

Supporting Facilities

Every customer can take benefit from all of supporting facilities

Meet Me Room (MMR)
We provide excellent cable management in the Meet Me Room (MMR) to provide a nation wide and global connectivity through Telkom and other carriers network.



Cooling System Technology

NeuCentrIX data centers cooling design derives from industry best practice and governance, and is reviewed and enhanced regularly. The state-of-the-art redundant and highly efficient cooling system capable to tolerate high density ICT systems. Our hot-aisle and cold-aisle layout and containment system is implemented to effectively segregate hot from cold air.


High Quality Cooling System

Raised floor cooling for efficient operation

22 °C ± 3 °C within sensor tolerance


Utility Room

Utility Room is a space to place UPS device, Battery, Panel Main Distribution Panel (MDP),and Panel input Output UPS. To ensure your critical business needs, NeuCentrIX is deployed with top notch reliability with high optime recrut and power with no downtime and at least N+1 Redundancy.



Power with no Downtime:

Dual Main Power Feeds

Dual Ups Configuration

Dual Standby Power Generator

Network Operation Control (NOC)¬ or Command Center

Downtime isn’t an option. Our data centers equipped with NOC to ensure data center operational excellence that features power monitoring, cooling & environment monitoring, alarm & event management, and network management.

Staging Room

Staging Room is a space for testing customer devices before they are installed in Server Room (IT Hall). We provide support facilities in the Staging Room room, including electrical, crane to raise the device to IT Hall room, and access control.

Working Room

Network Entrance Room (NER) is a room which hosts the transmission devices and active devices (router/switch) owned by Other License Operator (OLO). Some facilities in Network Entrance Room (NER) are racks provided for Other Licensed Operator (OLO), power supply, patch panel/OTB, connection cable from NER to MMR, fire detector, and fire extinguisher, water leak detector, CCTV, as well as access control to enter the room

Fire Suppression Room

Fire Suppression room is a space to place firesuppresion material. We provide eco- friendly fire suppresion system equipped with CCTV and Access Control for security to enter the room

Manhole / Handhole

Manhole/ Handhole is the enter point of the OLO transmission line cable to the Network Entrance Room (NER). Handhole facilities include duct or cable line from manhole/handhole to Network Entrance Room (NER)

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