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Enables networks, content providers and large enterprises to the most markets of Internet Exchange

Internet Exchange - IX

Internet Exchange (IX) is infrastructure that can be used by Internet Service Provider (ISP), Content Provider, or Carrier Provider both domestic and global to exchange internet traffic among their networks (autonomous systems) locally.

IP Transit

   IP Transit Service is a service for customer networks that are independant and has a customer’s internet resources (IP Address Portable version 4 or version 6), ASN- Autonomous System Number), has its own internet networking support (consist of and not limited to DNS and Mail Relay).

   IP Transit Service give bandwidth guarantee at 1-1 to the reference point. Customers will get full route BGP Internet global prefix and or domestik prefix

Metro / Ethernet

Metro/Ethernet Services is a high capacity data network service based on IP/ Ethernet which gives flexibility, simplicity, & effectiveness and QoS as outlined in Standard Carrier Ethernet.


Private peering to access Telkom’s Eyeballs with high quality service


Subscription based on WDM Service is a kind of High Capacity Data Network Solution service for large bandwidth needs and is dedicated, where this service delivers flexibility, simplicity, and network security based on WDM Technology. This Service is delivered based on component: Bandwidth, Distance, Location (Region)

Cross Connect

Easily interconnect with other neuCentrIX tenant to fullfil your business needs through Meet Me Room (MMR).

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