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All cabinet locations feature direct access to the data distribution system to allow quickly deployable interconnections. NeuCentrIX package consists of Data Center Package (collocation in IT Hall) and Carrier Provider Package (collocation in Network Entrance Room). The service covers standard data center specification, supporting facilities, additional service, and service for carrier provider (Other Licensed Operators) as connectivity provider for content provider customer.

Data Center Package (Collocation in IT Hall)s

Racks and Subracks are configured for maximizing power usage and heat dissipation. Customers can choose a wide range of racks or subracks to suit their business needs.


  • Cooling System
  • UPS
  • Generator Set

For the customers who would like to get service performance improvement in data center package which has collocation at IT Hall, additional services are provided with additional charges based on applied terms and conditions.

Additional Service:
Additional power supply capacity
Additional IP Public
Additional cross connect



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