neuCentrIX Internet Exchange: Why It is The Right Option for Your Business

neuCentrIX - 14/09/2021 15:53

Driven by the rise of the digital economy and industry 4.0, the journey of digital transformation has been in progress around the world, including in Indonesia. According to Forrester Research, 43% of companies in Indonesia have started their digital transformation journey, and 34% of them are planning to start by the end of 2021. Kementerian BUMN and all the state-owned enterprises it manages have also been actively taking part in the country’s transformation journey. Various BUMN companies have made remarkable efforts to accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia, and Telkom Indonesia has been playing its role as an enabler of these efforts.


neuCentrIX Internet Exchange (NCIX) is one of Telkom Indonesia’s ways to accelerate the country’s digital transformation. NCIX is an infrastructure provided by neuCentrIX for its customers — internet service providers, carrier providers, content providers, and other digital players — to connect and exchange traffic. NCIX allows its members to interconnect in two ways: multilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged between all members) and bilateral peering (the traffic is exchanged privately between two members). 


The main purpose of NCIX is to shorten the distance data must travel from its source to its destination, keeping the traffic local, resulting in reduced latency and improved round-trip time. To fulfill this purpose, internet exchange facilities are ideally placed in neutral locations and usually spread across countries to enable local networks to efficiently exchange traffic. Therefore, NCIX is now available in six locations nationwide — Medan, Jakarta-Karet, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali, making it easier for businesses to reach local audiences and provide a better user experience for them.


In general, an internet exchange provides its participating members with two major benefits. 

First, as mentioned, an internet exchange reduces latency and improves data round-trip time by shortening the distance between data source and its destination. By providing more-direct and speedier network connections, an internet exchange improves the stability and quality of access for content and services providers and their consumers, ensuring a first-class user experience. Second, internet exchanges trigger more business innovation and opportunities, thus improving competitiveness. Improved internet access speed and reliability work as a motivation for more providers to produce and deliver more relevant content and applications for their consumers.


So, why NCIX? Besides being located in six cities in Indonesia, NCIX provides members with an access to the largest base of eyeballs in the country through Telkom Indonesia’s connections. NCIX is also neutral and inclusive. Not only established brands are facilitated; smaller companies and even competitors are given the same opportunities. Moreover, even with high levels of performance and reliability, NCIX is very affordable as service and operating costs are shared among members.

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