The Convenience of neuCloud: Diverse Services, Affordable Plans, and Easy Payment Methods

neuCentrIX - 15/07/2021 17:00

As one of Indonesia’s leading data center services providers, neuCentrIX is committed to develop the country’s digital capabilities through infrastructure and services. To be able to cater to various needs and demands, neuCentrIX offers four different services which are known as 4C: Colocation, Connectivity, Content Delivery Network, and Cloud, which has been in demand for the past few years. 


neuCloud Services and Benefits


Under the brand name neuCloud, neuCentrIX provides three cloud computing service types for different demands: dediCa, elastiCa, and multiCa. neuCloud dediCa is neuCentrIX’s dedicated private cloud computing services which is suitable for government institutions, banks, and other financial companies which have high security and compliance requirements. Meanwhile, neuCloud elastiCa is a virtual private cloud computing service with the flexibility and advantages of shared resources. Finally, neuCloud multiCa allows customers to orchestrate multiple cloud services, public and private, based on their requirements and preferences. 


At the moment, the three service types are provided mainly for businesses in B2B manner, especially those with special network requirements and latency-sensitive apps. Nonetheless, neuCentrIX has started providing neuCloud to startups and content providers as well. What’s more, neuCentrIX is gradually expanding its business model to B2C to be able to reach a larger market throughout the country.


Through this variety of neuCloud services, neuCentrIX offers their customers three major benefits. First, neuCentrIX provides flexibility, ultra-scalability, and personalization to meet their customers’ specific needs and a wide range use cases. Second, as a part of Telkom Group, neuCentrIX has a strong local presence and proven track record with a long list of clients in Indonesia. This allows businesses to keep cloud operations close to home and easy to access when necessary. Third, to ensure their customers’ convenience, neuCentrIX provides simple purchase schemes and payment methods starting from a very small denomination.


neuCloud Purchase Schemes and Payment Methods


A lot of cloud providers, such as iCloud, base their purchase schemes on storage usage, so customers pay for the size of cloud space they use. However, neuCloud purchase schemes are a little different. Rather than storage usage, neuCloud purchase schemes are based on usage duration which offers a better flexibility to customers.


neuCentrIX offers different purchase schemes for neuCloud new and existing customers, with small denominations method. New customers can purchase their cloud plan starting from only 700K per month. Meanwhile, existing customers can top up their cloud plan starting from only 5K per hour. Both purchase types can be done very easily via the neuCloud dashboard, so customers won’t have to worry about contacting a neuCentrIX representative or publishing a written request which can be time-consuming. Everything is quick, simple, and convenient.


neuCentrIX also provides neuCloud customers with easy payment alternatives. Customers can pay for their neuCloud plans via e-wallets (LinkAja, OVO, and GoPay), phone credit deduction, bank transfer, or payment points at convenience stores.


With all the benefits and convenience offered, neuCloud has become an attractive cloud option for businesses in Indonesia. What’s more, neuCloud has successfully promoted the concept that the cloud is easy to access by everyone — a concept that supports today’s rapid technological advances and digital transformation.