The Hottest and Coolest Data Center Locations

neuCentrIX - 16/01/2023 10:00

An area's climate has a significant impact on whether it can host a data center or not. If you host a data center facility in a place with high temperatures, expect to have infrastructure problems and data loss.

Some cities, like Beijing, have high heat levels but have adopted proper cooling technologies in their data centers. It has caused the city to have many data centers despite its weather conditions.

So, in this article, you'll know why climate is a crucial consideration when selecting a data center location. You'll also learn about the various places to hold your data centers worldwide, especially in Indonesia.

Importance of Climate to Data center Location
The focus on climate will be a crucial determinant in choosing the infrastructure of data centers. If you are an investor who considers this factor before locating your data center, you will profit significantly in the future.

Choosing a place for your data center with excellent climate conditions will save you from regular maintenance costs from server failures. Also, your servers will only work well sometimes, and this condition will reduce any cases of data loss due to insecurity.

Why Climate is Impactful for Data Center Location
Climate changes like high heat levels due to global warming affect how your data center will function or last. As a result, every data center investor should carefully consider how to deal with climate change. When building data centers, you should have modern facilities that will protect your data centers even if you place them in locations with harsh weather conditions.

Places with many industries, like Beijing, use water-cooled environments to host their data centers. Such sites increase the energy efficiency of the servers because cooling becomes much more effective and safe for the environment and the facilities.

Location of Data Center in the World
Proper mechanical cooling is one of the issues due to climate change. Before picking any place to plant your data center, ensure the climate is predictable. Such a site will need fewer resources to maintain the mechanical parts of the data centers.

If the data center is in a zone with weather problems, the facility will use a lot of energy to cool. So, it will reduce facilities' life span and productivity.

Also, the location should have clean and reusable air. You can get these conditions in areas without much air pollution from industries and motor vehicles. It’s a challenge for modern cities.

The smoke that cars and industries emit can block the cooling system's fans over time. Too much smoke can also cause other hardware parts to fail. You'll make huge losses maintaining or replacing the facilities. Your company's data will also be at risk if your data centers fail.

In Indonesia, there are 13 suitable locations for the neuCentrIX. They include Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Manado, Denpasar, Semarang, Pekanbaru, Batam, Manado, Makassar, and Balipapan. These places will hold your data center well and allow it to function at its best. It's easy to predict weather patterns in these areas. Also, their heat levels can support modern data centers.

The climate of a data center's location affects how the facility will last and function. High temperatures and an unpredictable environment can damage your facility and lead to data loss. Also, locate your data center in a place with clean and reusable air.

Better still, invest in modern cooling technologies in those facilities to make the facilities run well in areas with harsh climatic conditions. You can connect with us by visiting our page to learn more about the best data center locations.