Effects & prevention of Downtime in Data Centers

neuCentrIX - 11/01/2023 10:00

Every business, big or small, feels a pinch when they face downtime. It makes you lose customers, productivity, and a business’s reputation. Your users will be worried about the safety of their data during downtime.

The size of your loss varies with your company’s size and the type of downtime you’ll face. You can handle the problem or prevent it from happening in your data centers. Most solutions, like the maintenance of your data centers, will keep them safe and efficient for a long time.

In this post, you’ll learn the impact of data center downtime and how to prevent it. But let’s start by defining data center downtime.

What is Downtime in Data Center?
A downtime in a data center is when you cannot operate your information system. All the operations in your data center stop and cause problems for your company’s data facility.

A data center can experience a downtime outage, or “brownout.” Such downtime affects business owners with an online marketplace. In the case of a brownout, your customers will have problems accessing some of the features of your application. But you can reach your data as the company owner.

A downtime outage worsens the situation. It can occur when there’s a system failure, peak traffic times, or data and infrastructure insecurity. No one can access the system and its data.

Impact of Data Center Downtime
No one would wish downtime to happen in their data centers. Here are the losses one can get if such an event happens in their data centers.

1. Loss of Sales
This effect hits companies handling their businesses online. Their customers won’t be able to make any purchases from your app. Losing customers means you won’t sell anything, thus causing losses.

2. Damaging Your Brand Reputation
Once customers can’t access your app because of outages, they’ll look negatively at your business. So, until you fix the downtime issues, your company will have a bad picture in the market.

3. Data Loss
When an outage occurs, it cuts the flow of information. It makes your business data vulnerable to cyber criminals who can steal or erase it.

4. Low Productivity
Most online and modern businesses rely on data flow through online services and communication. But your employees won’t handle many tasks during an outage, and most production lines will close.

How to Prevent Data Center Downtime
Below is how to prevent a data center downtime in your company. You’ll have to check and monitor your IT infrastructure before applying these tips.

1. Monitor the Data Center Batteries
Ensure your team is watching the state of your data center batteries. Monitoring software can help you check on the batteries and deal with any possible damage.

2. Use Lithium-Ion Batteries
Li-Ion batteries are great for running data center facilities in a power outage. They are small, last long, and provide enough power even for heavy loads. Also, the batteries are easy to maintain.

3. Maintain the Data Center
Like any other technology infrastructure, keeping the data center facility in proper shape is safe. It will keep the machines stable for a long time. Remember to make it a routine to check for any repairs and upgrades. Check for any environmental threat like unstable temperatures or humidity.

4. Have a Skilled Personnel
As a business owner, invest in professionals to run and maintain your data centers. Also, you can train your team to respond to shared threats and possible system failures.

5. Provide Physical Security
You have to protect your data center facilities from possible thieves. Sometimes, the data center will malfunction if some infrastructure is missing. So, the place should be secure from any danger.

Your business’s data center can face a downtime problem anytime if you don’t protect it well. If it happens to your data centers, expect to make huge losses and even lose customers. Such effects occur for companies that handle their activities online. Using proper Li-Ion and maintaining the data centers is vital to preventing downtimes.

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