The Implementation of Seamless DC for Inner Cluster-1 Medan – Batam

neuCentrIX - 10/08/2022 10:00

Any business needs a good internet connection to stay updated with technology trends. This means that there is a need to develop seamless data centers worldwide. NeuCentrIX is the leading data center in Indonesia – taking pride in its wide availability across 13 cities.  

While they offer top-tier technology solutions for better connectivity, they have taken the initiative to have more seamless data centers. The aim is to launch a global hub ecosystem by the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition, they have developed the first inner cluster data center in Medan and Batam – read on to find out more!

Why is there a need for seamless data centers? 

When it comes to data centers, many pain points need to be addressed. This includes fragmented links, rigid policies, high-price connectivity services, lack of data center interconnection, and much more. For these reasons, data centers must be more seamless –, and NeuCentrIX is leading the way. 

Here are some ways NeuCentrIX will solve these challenges using their seamless data centers in Medan and Batam. 

Enable smart connectivity: Many data centers have struggled with getting tier-1 connections for years. This is because of the high cable cost and rising demand for connectivity. NeuCentrIX will use its seamless data centers to improve smart connections to solve this problem. 

Flexible Bandwidth: Initially, data centers suffered from the high cost of connectivity and bandwidth. However, NeuCentrIX uses its seamless data centers to reduce these costs to improve speeds and SCC enhancement. 

Integrated Supplier: It is hard for a data center to deal with multi-supplier arrangements. This makes it hard for data centers to close deals and do business. Therefore, the seamless data centers in Batam and Medan will enable NeuCentrIX to have better supplier integration for smoother business.

End-to-end solutions: NeuCentrIX offers enhanced end-to-end solutions to solve the issue of fragmented links. Their seamless data center solutions make this possible, ensuring better connections and content delivery. 

Services offered by NeuCentrIX seamless data centers

The development of the seamless data centers in Batam and Medan allows NeuCentrIX to provide more services. Here are some of them. 

NCIX Remote
NeuCentrIX remote services bring a new era of enriched content. This is made possible by their extensive Telkom's eyeballs that are available around the world that are more cost-efficient for customers. 

● NeuCentrIX Interconnect
Interconnection is an essential aspect of any data center – and NeuCentrIX isn't an exception. They offer a great connection between all their NeuCentrIX data center locations to give customers an unbeatable user experience. 

● Specific Content Connectivity
The NeuCentrIX-specific content connectivity service covers users needing main internet content. This means you can access internet content with incredible connection speeds and bandwidth. 

NeuCentrIX aims to be the global hub for a seamless data center ecosystem. This initiative will improve the services they offer as well as provide an opportunity for better internet connectivity. Furthermore, it is the ultimate solution for high cost of both domestic and international data connection and cloud services.