NeuCentrIX Connects Indonesia to the World

neuCentrIX - 28/07/2022 13:00

Data centers are the backbone of the internet – neuCentrIX is here to give you the necessary connectivity. It is a leading data center in Indonesia and fosters digital capacities to provide you with the best neutral atmosphere and satisfy your data center needs. 

Read this article to learn more about its journey to being Indonesia's most trusted data center. You will also know its services, location and some benefits you will gain from working with NeuCentrIX. 

NeuCentrIX Journey 

NeuCentrIX started a small data center called Star Data Center in 2016, with its main focus being small-medium enterprises (SME) customers and offering rack and sub-rack colocation services. NeuCentrIX have also always been a carrier-neutral data center (CNDC) offering services to many internet service providers.

The company rebranded to neuCentrIX in 2017 with the main aim of improving our services and expanding to more locations in the country. Some of the services we introduced include colocation services for mobile operators, internet service providers, etc.

In 2018, we introduced the neuCentrIX Internet Exchange (NCIX), with our target customers needing OTT, Hosting, CDN, and cloud provider services. It also started offering close and open racks for mobile operator plus private suite/ cage services. During this time, NeuCentrIX also expanded to four more locations to make it nine.

To be the hub of the world's digital ecosystem, we introduced the neuCentrIX CDN and HDC construction. This has many benefits, including a seamless connection to the neuCentrIX data center and CDN services. The company also has the neuCloud – a service aimed at giving you the best cloud management platform and other cloud services. At this time, it started 5G edge computing services and became a hyperscale data center with a presence in 13 cities in Indonesia. 

Where we are Located 
As noted above, neuCentrIX has come a long way to being the best data center in the country, with a presence in many locations. Here are the cities where we are located. 

  • Medan 
  • Jakarta 
  • Bandung 
  • Yogyakarta 
  • Surabaya 
  • Denpasar 
  • Batam 
  • Pekanbaru
  • Semarang
  • Makassar 
  • Balikpanan 
  • Banjarmasin
  • Manado

Benefits of working with us 
NeuCentrIX is a carrier-neutral data center that allows you to have a neutral environment and multi-service in delivery and policy. The company does not have limited access to specific network providers. Rather, it enables interconnection to multiple ISPs and colocations providers. 

Its data center also has comprehensive worldwide coverage, enabling you to access services from domestic and international networks in 33 countries. NeuCentrIX has 72 PoPs and submarine cables to ensure advanced connectivity at all times. In addition, neuCentrIX takes pride in having Telkom’s eyeballs to ensure your business runs at optimum speeds, 

Working with this company allows you to gain from our extensive guide on client requirements to scale your business. 

In summary, neuCentrIX has come a long way and is focused on providing the best data center solutions and neutral carrier services. Its prices and rates are also quite affordable, and the quality of service makes every coin count.