CDN: Critical Enabler to Successful Conversion

neuCentrIX - 09/06/2022 10:00

Using a content delivery network (CDN) on your website helps you deliver more content. As the years go by, technology keeps growing to suit the digital experience needs. 

While you can still use traditional servers, your web page will have slower response and conversion as more customers create traffic. Such aspects affect the effectiveness of the digital experience. CDN plays a vital role in providing great digital content to customers. But how? Here we’ll explain the goodness of digital experience, its challenges, and how CDN improves the digital experience.

Importance of Digital Experience
An excellent digital experience has many benefits for the website host and digital users. The best part is that the end-users will feel that the website values and understands them. It’s the joy of every customer to use a fast, smooth and secure website.

A digital experience helps the web hosts to know more customer insights. It happens through Google Analytics (GA), which allows you to understand a user’s behavior.

Challenges that Impact Digital Experience 
While most users prefer a site with a pleasant digital experience, not all platforms provide that. Below are the aspects that hold many platforms from providing an exceptional digital experience. 

1. Webpage Load Time
Your web page's loading speed will impact the customer's eCommerce experience. Most of the traffic comes from mobile eCommerce users. When a page-to-page load time is slow, it pushes the customers away.

Expect shoppers to leave a site that won't load for at least three seconds. Every web page on your site should load fast to suit users' needs.

2. Slow Response
The traditional web servers have a long distance between the host and end-users. It causes a problem in loading the web pages; thus, the transfers of messages will be slower. Many customers, especially on eCommerce platforms, will keep off from sites with much lag.

3. High Latency
Most digital customers use great streaming giants like Netflix and YouTube. Expect such acts to increase over-the-top (OTT) digital traffic and high latency. This event makes users have negative views about their venture online.

How CDN Improves the Digital Experience
Below is how CDN helps improve the digital experience for your end-users.

1. CDN Improves Website Acceleration
Through the CDN nodes, expect shorter webpage load times and improved latency. Remember, a faster website improves the digital experience. The nodes reduce a page bounce rate and make more people stay on your site.

2. It reduces Downtime during Spikes
At least three digital users consume online media like videos and music every minute. This act creates more traffic and more download time if your site has the traditional servers.

If you use the CDN, it will reduce the traffic load on the host server. The CDN nodes will be the servers between the hosts and digital users. Your users will enjoy faster responses from your site because of lower downtime rates.

3. Enhances Security
CDN will shield your site and customers from online insecurities. Speed is vital, but expect customers to stay away from the site once they know their info isn't safe.

Using CDN protects your servers from cybersecurity attacks through an excellent web firewall. Also, your website will be safe because the CDN servers use data encryption to transfer and secure users’ data.

The digital customer experience helps the host know the user’s needs well. It even becomes better with the CDN that ensures a smooth, secure, and fast online experience. CDN helps many platforms overcome digital issues like latency and slow webpage loading time. Not to mention, your customers will have an easy time online as the site gets more traffic because of CDN.