How to Manage Internet Traffic through Internet Exchange

neuCentrIX - 06/06/2022 10:00

Managing internet traffic is an essential element in every network. It comes with benefits such as avoiding low bandwidth and server performance and makes it easy to troubleshoot network problems. Internet traffic management can also help you get feedback from users and improve your service quality. 

However, this can be a tough job, especially when you do not have adequate tools. This is where internet exchange points (IXPs) come into play and make managing traffic accessible.

Continue reading to know more about the challenges of managing traffic and the Asia Pacific measures to make the process more seamless.  

What are the Challenges of Managing Traffic?
While managing traffic is essential for network operators and data centers, some challenges hinder the progress. This is mainly the case for most countries in the Asia Pacific and worldwide. Here are some of the most prevalent challenges that affect effective internet traffic management. 
1. Internet Speeds
Speed is what determines quality when it comes to internet traffic. If your internet speed is low, you will most likely have a hard time browsing. Most internet users would use speed variation to determine the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to work with. 

Bandwidth determines the internet speed and is responsible for high or low traffic. While most companies are racing to offer better bandwidth, the demand is also constantly increasing. 

2. Cost of Internet
Internet affordability is a sensitive issue many people consider when looking for internet providers. Most people prefer ISPs that offer a good balance between internet speed and cost. However, the main problem is that these providers can only offer better bandwidth at a higher price. 

If you run a small business at home that requires fast internet, you may be charged more than necessary. While these high charges could be reasonable for large companies, individuals with lower budgets will suffer the most. 

3. Internet availability
Internet availability is probably one of the most significant issues affecting efficient internet traffic management. For example, in most countries in the Asia Pacific region, ISPs concentrate in densely populated towns and forget rural areas. This creates a massive imbalance in traffic management. 

In this case, the town will have massive traffic that slows down the internet, while rural areas don't have good connectivity. 

What is the Asia Pacific Doing to Efficiently Manage Internet Traffic? 
According to ESCAP, the Asia Pacific has put strategic measures to manage internet traffic effectively. Among the solutions is the massive AP-IS master plan 2019 – 2022 project, which is here to solve internet traffic problems. The project is built on the following four key pillars;

  • Infrastructure connectivity
  • Internet traffic and network management 
  • E-residence 
  • Broadband for all 

The Asia Pacific region has come together by governments making agreements to have sub-regional IXPs and supporting regulators and ISPs. This is part of the reasons why as NCIX, we are determined to give you high-quality internet connections at an affordable rate. Furthermore, we are located in six cities in Indonesia to ensure you get high-quality and reliable connectivity.