neuCentrIX Data Centers to Improve Your Business Efficiency

neuCentrIX - 28/12/2021 09:00

A successful business is often an efficient business. In the modern era, one way to improve efficiency is through technology, including data centers. As one of Indonesia’s top data center providers, neuCentrIX has been committed to support companies by helping them achieve business efficiency.

Let’s first talk about what business efficiency really is. For different businesses, efficiency may mean different things. However, in general, business efficiency refers to how much a company can produce for the amount of time, money, and resources it needs. In other words, it measures how well you can convert your capital, materials, and labor into products and services that produce revenue.

Business efficiency can be achieved through several ways, including ROI, operational efficiency, process efficiency, and financial efficiency. With all the capabilities and benefits they offer, neucentrIX data centers can be the key to the effective implementation of your efficiency strategies. So, how exactly do neuCentrIX data centers do that?

neuCentrIX data centers ensure financial efficiency.
neuCentrIX is a colocation provider. With colocation services, you don’t need to have your own on-premise facility to get maximum benefits of a data center; neuCentrIX will provide you with the space, equipment, power, cooling, security, and connectivity required for your business operations. 

Financially, colocation benefits you in two ways. You can reduce your capital expenditure by eliminating the initial infrastructure investment to build an on-premise data center and cutting the cost for IT department employee acquisition. You can also reduce your operating expenditure by sharing the costs for space and power with other neuCentrIX users. Moreover, neuCentrIX also implements a pay-as-you-use pricing system which allows you to only spend money for the services you use and nothing else.

neuCentrIX data centers ensure ROI.
If you opt for neuCentrIX data centers, your ROI is ensured. neuCentrIX offers you several different packages you can choose from based on your business requirement. This means that you don’t have to waste your money for things you don’t need; you can start with the basic package and move on to the premium one when you think it’s time. Nonetheless, despite different packages, neuCentrIX implements the same service quality and protection to ensure the maximum benefits for users.

To ensure uptime and reliability, neuCentrIX data centers are completed with system redundancy. This means that each system component has a backup, so the system can stay online in the case of failure or routine maintenance. For example, to avoid power outages, each facility is completed with a backup genset and a backup UPS. The facility also deploys a backup cooling system.

neuCentrIX data centers are also equipped with risk mitigation protocols to prevent various kinds of threats, including physical threats, cybercrime, natural disasters, water leak, and fire. To prevent physical threats, each facility is guarded 24x7 by an experienced security team and implements Visitor Access Management (VAM) to ensure only those who are eligible can enter. Meanwhile, for fire prevention, each facility deploys IG-55 fire suppression system and dry pipe, pre-action fire sprinkler system. There is also a VESDA aspirating smoke detection system (for early warning) installed in each facility.

neuCentrIX data centers ensure scalability.
As your business grows, you will need more and better resources; changes might happen more than once depending on how fast your business expands. It’s usually difficult for on-premise data centers to guarantee this level of scalability. With a spacious IT Hall of around 240 m2 with 80 ready-to-use racks, neuCentrIX data centers allow you to easily add and replace resources to handle business growth and its implications, such as data and traffic spikes. It can be done instantly; you won’t even have to plan way ahead to do this.

The three points above sum up the reasons how neuCentrIX data centers can benefit you. If you’re looking to invest in a data center with real, guaranteed returns and business impacts, neuCentrIX should be your go-to provider.