neuCloud dediCa, elastiCa, and multiCa: Which One is Right for Your Business

neuCentrIX - 03/12/2021 10:00

neuCloud is Telkom Indonesia’s brand of cloud computing service, and a part of neuCentrIX’s services, with the capabilities of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and two deployment models: private and public. These capabilities make neuCloud generally suitable for various businesses and industries. Nonetheless, to cater to different business requirements, neuCloud offers three service types. Each service type offers specific advantages for different business sizes and stages. To ensure you choose the right one, let’s take a closer look at each service and its ideal user.


neuCloud dediCa


neuCloud dediCa is neuCentrIX’s private cloud computing service which relies on dedicated hosting. With this service type, you get your own dedicated servers without it being shared with other users. As a private cloud with dedicated hosting, neuCloud dediCa offers you one major benefit: control. As you don’t have to share resources with others, you can fully customize configurations, systems, and protocols to meet your specific requirements regarding performance, flexibility, scalability, and security.


Who is it for?

As neuCentrIX’s premium cloud computing service type, neuCloud dediCa is more expensive than the other service types. However, the performance and quality you get will be worth the money you spend. If you’re a large, established organization which requires high performance for high volume of traffic and workload, neuCloud dediCa is for you. Due to its nature, neuCloud dediCa is also ideal for organizations which have sensitive data and high security requirements, such as government institutions, financial corporations, and healthcare companies. As we often say, neuCloud dediCa is a private cloud which is dedicated for the uniqueness of your business and optimized with the best features and capabilities to suit your operations.


neuCloud elastiCa


neuCloud elastiCa is also a private cloud computing service. However, unlike dediCa, neuCloud elastiCa relies on shared hosting. Shared hosting refers to multiple users sharing the same resources, and for these users, sharing a certain amount of the available server space and bandwidth can mean very limited resources leading to unstable performance, depending on other users’ usage. Even so, it’s what makes neuCloud elastiCa more affordable than dediCa; you can pay a cheaper price because operating costs are split between multiple users.


Who is it for?

By being a more affordable private cloud option, neuCloud elastiCa is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or organizations of any industry. If you generally handle low volume of traffic and workload which don’t exactly require dedicated hosting but still opt for private cloud computing, neuCloud elastiCa is for you. neuCloud elastiCa, as we often say, is a flexible private cloud which can be tailored to fit your dynamic business and offered with the cost-effectiveness of shared resources.


neuCloud multiCa


neuCloud multiCa is neuCentrIX’s cloud service that allows you to orchestrate multiple cloud services, private and public (from various cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AliCloud), based on your requirements and preferences. With neuCloud multiCa, you can gain the benefits of public and private clouds conveniently with a single self-service dashboard and affordably with monthly pay-as-you-use option.


Who is it for?

If you’re a medium-size business or a large enterprise that expects large growth over the next few years, neuCloud multiCa is most suitable for you. It’s also ideal for you if you have enough technology expertise and resources which allow you to set up and manage the hybrid environment.

By providing you three neuCloud services, neuCentrIX ensures that you have available options for your business needs and preferences. Nonetheless, don’t forget that it’s best to choose the right one for you after establishing your requirements and knowing how each service is different.